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Papa Bear Awards 2015: Short comedy
Papa Bear Awards: Best short comedy (1000-5000 words)

This was one of the quickest ideas I had for the PBAs - comedy = Schultz in a red nose. And Newkirk having gently conned/manipulated him into wearing one (they managed to get Schultz to jump out of a plane, convincing him to wear a red nose is a walk in the park after that!) ;) (Wink) 
Papa Bear Awards 2015: Episode
Papa Bear Awards: Best story based on an episode
The reason I didn't post here for a loooong time is that I saw a couple of instances of artwork posted on DA that was stolen, slapped on material, and sold without the artist's consent or even knowledge. I tend to post art on Tumblr anyway, so it put a damper on my posting here. Then I figured that if I put my name and blog address as a watermark I might be safe. So... Shrug 

I was a little pressed by time (my own fault) for the PBAs, with no idea what to do for the “episode” drawing (there are so many great scenes I could draw from!), when I remembered I’d already sketched/pencilled a scene from “The Great Impersonation”, one of my favourite episodes, here. So I inked, coloured and textured it :)

For context, Newkirk, Carter and LeBeau have been caught and sent to another Stalag, so Hogan talks Schultz into impersonating Colonel Klink (hence the uniforms) and spring them up. Schultz ends up performing admirably (schnapps helped a lot) and the boys triumphantly ride into the sunset drive back to camp in a truck… And Schultz faints :D

(I have an art blog on Tumblr at Please don't repost my art without my explicit permission.)

Papa Bear Awards 2015: Challenge

Papa Bear Awards: Best story based on a challenge

Funny how some images were so hard to find for some categories… and this one practically popped up in my mind the minute I set out to do the “challenge” category. Because let’s face it, Marya is challenge personified, not to mention she loves a good challenge. She’s a polarising character: she’s a manipulator, a shameless flirt, prone to ham it up if necessary and a master at mental speed chess. Honestly, no wonder Hogan gets nervous whenever she waltzes in. She’s a more reckless version of him :D

There’s probably something top-secret in the case. Or maybe it’s a bomb. In any case, Hogan daahling, you’d better start scheming fast…

(I have an art blog on Tumblr at Please don't repost my art without my explicit permission.)

Papa Bear Awards 2015: Best short general story
The Papa Bear Awards is an annual Hogan's Heroes fanfiction "ceremony" (think Oscars) where readers and writers nominate and vote for their favourite stories finished sometime between January 1st and December 31st of the past year. Categories include snapshots (>1000 words), comedy, general, drama (long and short), slash, "most unique", based on a challenge and on an episode, portrayals of characters (canon, extras, OCs), and best story overall, with gold, silver and bronze prizes.

In 2015 I took on the task of making the prizes for that year's winning stories. Most of the drawings don't match the stories (I did one drawing per winning story in the snapshots, character portrayals and "best of 2014" categories).

So here's the first! Kenneth Washington (Baker) replaced Ivan Dixon (Kinch) in the last season, but in my main HH headcanon they’re both in Barracks 2 at the same time, taking turns at the radio. I love the idea of the two of them bonding over tech. So here’s LeBeau, Baker and Kinch just chilling in a spring sunrise after morning roll call. Loved playing with colours here.

(I have an art blog on Tumblr at Please don't repost my art without my explicit permission.)

And now for something completely different

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 4:56 AM

There can never be too many nods and winks to the Monty Python on the Internet. Just sayin'.

As it turns out (and as witnessed by my suddenly better stocked "Fics and snapshots" folder), my spark for writing made a surprise return at the end of last year; since then I've been writing frantically in case it's temporary and goes away again (lately I've been slowing down and consequently been afraid that the urge to write was getting diluted into other interests/fandoms... typical).

Two things have really been a big encouragement, though: the fact that I now know that I can actually complete a chaptered story (that had never happened before!), and the Papa Bear Awards. Every year, readers/writers of Hogan's Heroes fanfiction hold an election for the best HH fanfiction in the past year, and I'm still reeling (in a very good way!) from the fact that people actually nominated, then voted for my story, Soul Food. I won Bronze for "Best Story of 2011" (!!!),  Silver for "Best Long Comedy" and "Most Unique Story", and Gold (!!!!!!) for Best Portrayal of a Canon Character (LeBeau, and I'm told Schultz - the other character I was nominated for in this category - actually made fourth place!). I mean, wow. I still can't believe it. It's a bit daunting, too, because now I'm afraid the stories I have cooking (in plot bunny form, or the ones I actually got started on) won't be that good... Which goes to show that sometimes you just have to switch off your self-doubt and questioning and just write the darn thing. We'll see where it goes from here :)

In other less cheerful, Real Life-related news, I'm still on the dole, because librarian jobs are hard to come by where I live... Technically, it should mean more time to write/doodle, but somehow, it doesn't much. I'll have to kick myself in the rear to get at least this kind of activity going. It doesn't bring bread on the table, but it's something that makes me happy. I guess it's important. And who knows? Maybe some day I'll be able to write something original. A girl can dream :lol:

Checked into the Pottermore thing (I still like "Belphegor" better than "FlameScarlet5995", but we're not allowed to choose our own names) and it's a lot of fun - except I'm stuck at the end of Philosopher's Stone and I have no idea 1) if the "Chamber of Secrets" part is accessible yet, and/or 2) how to access it. Little help?

That's all (for now), folks :)

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Pantxika Passicot
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a 30-something French girl who lives in the South West of France, doodles a lot and likes to sing in her shower. Hi there :)

I mostly do fanart, although every once in a while I'll get a picture in my head that hasn't got anything to do with fandoms. Please don't repost my art or save it elsewhere without my permission. My art Tumblr is the-french-belphegor dot tumblr dot com; I usually post more art there than on DA. Can't wait to see you around!

Feel free to peek around my little gallery, and don't forget to leave a comment if you liked or didn't like something to tell me why :)



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MountainLygon Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
What should we do for Hogan's Heroes' 50th anniversary, coming up in September? I think it would be cool if whatever we did, we let Robert Clary and Kenneth Washington know about it. Maybe Nita Talbot, too.
The-French-Belphegor Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a great idea, but I must admit I have no idea what :| (Blank Stare) Maybe compile together our favourite fanfics (they'd have to be one-shots, though) and fanarts, make a book out of it (which we wouldn't sell to anyone - or maybe send the link to people who'd want to buy it but make it private in the settings? I know does something like that), and send it to Robert Clary, Kenneth Washington and Nita Talbot. There's have to be good LeBeau, Baker and Marya stuff among the stories, but that's easy to find :) We could also collectively write a foreword or a note telling them what Hogan's Heroes mean to us, and how much we enjoy reading and writing stories based on these characters they incarnated 50 years ago.

What do you think?
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